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Mossy forest in the village Mirveti during the excursion from Batumi in Georgia (RedCat)


     The most mysterious tour of Adjara. You will see a very unusual small village Mirveti, which is located in a fabulous mossy forest, walking along the paths of which you can see a waterfall, an ancient arched bridge and an old mill, still working. The road to the village passes through the suspension bridge. Then the journey will continue through Machakhela national Park. Picturesque landscapes, arched bridges and waterfalls combined with military facilities of the Second world war will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the mysterious gorge.
    during the tour there are stops for lunch, wine tasting and chacha.

Start time: 9.00.
Pick up Location: pick up from hotel/house.
Finish time: 19.30
Return: we take everyone to hotels/houses.

     - travel route;
     - guide (the function of the guide is performed by the driver);
     - wi-fi in the bus;
     - water and snacks on the bus.

Possible additional costs (per 1 person):

     - entrance to the Museum Chkhutuneti - 5 Gel;
       - lunch in the cafe - from 7 Gel;
    & nbsp; - tasting of wine and chacha - from 7 Gel.

We recommend you to bring:
     - swimsuit and towel;
     - comfortable shoes;
     - protection from the sun;
     - flashlight (fit built-in phone);
     - a small amount of money (20-30 Gel for 1 person).

6-8 hours

Detailed route

Route plan



We take away all participants from the house in Batumi



Confluence of two rivers


Mirveti Village

Mirveti waterfall and arched bridge, mill and fabulous moss forest


Gvara Fortress

The ruins of a small fortress, with well-preserved jugs for collecting rainwater


Monument rifle

Tribute to the Machahela gunmasters

* guns and revolvers were made in the gorge



Lunch at a cafe or restaurant

* prices are average, paid locally


Suspension bridge

A wooden suspension bridge is an attraction for tourists and an active walking route for locals



The firing point established in 1940 to control the gorge

* take a flashlight with you, it’s dark inside the object


Tchemlara Bridge

One of the arched bridges of Adjara, built in the 12th century, was used until the 19th century

* bring a swimsuit and a towel; swiming is possible


Chhutuneti Waterfall

Water falls down in small cascades

* waterfall height - 20 meters


Chhutuneti Museum

The museum was founded in 1985 and is located in a 3-storey building of the former mosque

* entrance to the museum 5 GEL, payed locally


Adjara wine house

Wine tasting and chachi at a private winery

* prices are average, paid locally



Take everyone home to Batumi

Route map

Route Video

Booking: Adjara-Mirveti


  • If you buy 1 ticket
$ 39  per person 

39$≈35€≈115 Gel


  • If you buy 2-3 tickets
$ 34 29 per person

29$≈26€≈84 Gel


  • If you buy 4-6 tickets
$ 25 22 per person

22$≈20€≈64 Gel


  • If you buy more than 6 tickets
$ 23 19 per person

19$≈17€≈55 Gel

* children under 12 years discount 30%

** Low price guarantee:  if You find the price of this tour or similar cheaper, send a link and we will make a discount.

Booking is instant and without prepayment. Select a date in the calendar and click the "Book"button. After booking, you will be contacted within 5 minutes and specify the place where to pick up, so do not turn off the Internet and phone


1-3 persons 

4-6 persons   

7-20 persons 

* Payment is made in cash when boarding the bus in any currency convenient for you: Georgian lari, Russian ruble, $ or €.

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